Curtain Walling

The curtain wall gives the specifier the opportunity to create stunning glazed facades and Comar 6 and Comar 6EFT delivers the capability and is one of the most comprehensive curtain walling ranges on the market today.

C6 Curtain Walling

C6 curtain walling has grown and developed into one of the most innovative and comprehensive curtain walling systems available. Ladder or stick assembly, square or step cut transom. Suitable for inclined facades and roof glazing application, including barrel vaults.

Transom end pads ensure precision of joint integrity and aesthetic appeal. Drainage spouts ensure that water clears the facade maintaining year on year performance.

To add feature to the facade a wide range of mullion and transom capping including square, elliptical and bull nose are available. designed to CWCT standards and recommendations.

C6 EFT Curtain Walling

C6 EFT is a revolutionary new curtain walling system, which creates stunning envelopes from a range of profiles which provide a despoke solution.

C6 EFT has been tested to the highest CWCT standards providing reassurance at every stage of design and installation.

CWCT standards at Taywood Engineering Ltd:
Air permeability 750pa.
Water tightness 750pa static.
Water tightness 600pa dynamic.
Wind resistance 2400pa.
Safety 3600pa.

Comar 6EFT has four conmplete solutions in one system:
C6 EFT Curtain Walling
C6 EFT 2sided SG
C6 EFT 4sided SG
C6 EFT 2sided SGV
C6 EFT Concealed Vent

All the systems use the same basic profiles, which integrate fully to exceed the design concept. Please contact us for technical information.