Aluminium Windows

Whether your project is commercial or residential we have a wide range of aluminium window systems for you to choose from, below are some of our most popular window systems though more are available on request. All of our aluminium products are available in a range of RAL colours.

Crown Casement

The Crown Casement Window System creates side or top hung windows and fixed lights as individual elements or as truly co-ordinated multi-light windows. The system's capabilities and range of options, including those providing structural performance, are particularly comprehensive and can accommodate a vast array of window designs.

The system if fully weather stripped to achieve the highest levels of weather performance. All profiles incorporate polyamide thermal barriers to meet the latest Building Regulation requirements in terms of U values and window enegy ratings.

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DualFrame 75mm Casement

Dualframe 75mm Casement is suitable for installation in new build or refurbishment projects, particularly residential, educational and light commercial applications.

Standard or 'softline' transoms, mullions and outerframes are available to achieve aq traditional or contemporary appearance.

Vents are designed to accept the full depth Eurogroove to ensure compatibility with a wide range of industry standard hardware.

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DualFrame 75mm Reversible

The Dualframe Reversible Window System has a wide range of applications where specifiers wish to incorporate windows that can be safely and completely reversed for cleaning.

Reversible sashes incorporate hardware which ensures balacned operation in use. safety catches prevent inadvertent reversal.

The reversing action does not interfere with items around the window, such as curtains, objects placed on window boards or reveals.

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DualFrame SI 75mm Tilt and Turn

Dualframe 75mm Si tilt/turn windows have a unique operating action that minimise the risk of damage to the product or injury to the operator. The handle is key operated and the key must be inserted in order to access the turn mode. Once the window is closed, it automatically defaults to the tilt only mode.

Hinges are concealed within the frame, which prevents clashing with plaster lines. Flush vents and flat profiles combine to create a simple streamlined appearance, whilst an 88mm sightline maximises the view without compromising the u-value.

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Horizontal Sliding Window

C5Pi HSW has been designed for applications where high specification, elegant solutions are a key design factor, such as offices, apartments, hospitals and schools. It provides a unique solution where other window types would cause an obstruction internally or externally.

Function is achieved by designing into this elegant profile suite the very latest components, ensuring the longevity of this solution. The rollers are mounted on ball-bearings which ensures the continual smooth operation of the sliding sash. This is borne out by the testing in wet and sandy conditions of over 200,000 open close cycles.

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Vertical Sliding Window

Vertical Sliding Windows either new build or refurbishment are required to be flexible; large or small sizes must provide an aesthetic soloution. With its slim sightlines the C5Pi VSW can be manufactured to fit opening upwards of 500mm wide and, depending on wind loading, up to 2800mm high.

Utilising Caldwell Torso Balances unique to the C5Pi VSW, the window provides even more reliability and security features, such as sash locks with a concealed locking mechanism so the window can provide long lasting smooth operation as well as hidden locking.

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