Hybrid Windows

The Hybrid Window System is an 83mm high performance window system that achieves very high thermal insulation values providing low U Values well below the current and anticipated future Building Regulation requirements.

Comprising the insulating benefits of timber on the inside and the durability of aluminium on the outside, the system includes Top Hung, Side Hung, Tilt and Turn, Overswing and Fixed Light combination windows.

Hybrid windows are constructed using mitered joints on both the aluminium and the timber frames. Using a mechanical corner joint on the aluminium and patented dovetail keys on the timber. Integral transoms and mullions transoms and mullions are inserted by scribing the end and screw fix to the frame.



Sustainability: All timber used in Hybrid is from sustainable forests. Aluminium components are from hydro electric smelters. Any waste is fully recycled.

Enviromental Responsibility: At the end of their service life Hybrid windows - timber, glass, aluminium and fittings - are all fully recyclable.